Buoyancy – Short Film

Last year I composed the score for “Buoyancy” directed Simon Valentin, a short film
about a young swimmer trying to make her big break.

“I used Tobias as a composer for my short film Buoyancy… …Tobias managed to create a soundtrack that combines the themes of pressure and vulnerability in a very understated way. The soundtracks in Buoyancy are beautiful and uncomfortable at the same time, because they really describe whats going on inside the young swimmer…  …I couldn’t imagine a better sound for this film than the one that we ended up with. I would recommend Tobias to everyone in the visual storytelling business because he has the perfect combination of creativity and professional speed that the work requires.” – Simon Valentin, Director

The score is electronic and minimal, with the focus being on texture and slow, yearning movements to provide a foundation for the tense emotion portrayed in the film.

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