Experiments in Game Audio

From time to time I like to just throw some stuff at the wall and see what sticks.
Here is an assortment of stuff that perhaps didn’t exactly stick, but still made an interesting sound when it fell off.

November 2017 – Create Jam
I created this game with a small group of other participants at the 2017 Fall Create Jam in Aalborg, Denmark over a weekend. I did all the sound and music, as well as a bit of programming and visual art. The game was awarded with the prize for best sound & music.

The game includes a number of elements which are synchronized with the music – everything from grinding gears to the footsteps of the main character. All audio was implemented in Unity’s internal sound engine.


October 2017 – Butterfly Experiment
In this small game, the objective is to avoid the drops falling from above. Each drop makes a note when it lands, whose frequency is determined from within Unity. Each level takes the form of a small melody, as the drops fall in repeated patterns. The butterfly also has a pitch which rises as it crosses the screen, ending at the tonic once the player reaches the goal.

All the audio is generated using the built-in synthesizer in Wwise.

February 2017 – Tower Defense
Implementation of audio and music in a tower defense game, including a simple commentary system. Created in cooperation with fellow student Emil Woxen as part of our game audio course.


October 2016 – Wanderer

This small piece is a small exploration in setting a scene with interactive audio, and writing stingers with vastly different emotional content that still feel like they belong in the same world.


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